When they tell you that “the best place to hide a corpse is the second page of Google”, believe them. They are not lying to you, and if you have a business, for your own good, we hope and wish that you have your online store.

Today no one escapes electronic commerce. The digital world has opened many doors and has revolutionized all areas, and the professional and commercial was not going to be different.

If you have a store and you do not have an online business, it is as if you did not exist. Yes, you will exist for the world, even if you only have your e-commerce but not a fixed or local establishment where you can be located. The network is like that, it gives you that power.

But to achieve this and implement your business idea, in an increasingly competent market, you must choose one of the virtual stores that exist and assess which of the options is the best.

Some already begin to be outdated and obsolete as OsCommerce, Xcart … Others are very well integrated with widely used platforms such as WooCoomerce or Prestashop. But is this really what you need? Could you compare a 600 with a Ferrari?


Without a doubt, Magento is the best solution for your e-commerce. And now we want to give you good reasons so that, if you have not yet decided, do it now!

The development of the Magento platform began in early 2007 and a few months later the first beta was delivered to the public to test the new tool designed to sell through the Internet. An innovative idea with many fronts to combat at the level of user adaptation to new technologies.

Magento is an “open source” platform, that is, we can access any part of the code. It has a very large community of developers, giving more confidence in the stability of the software and has many extensions and templates, both free and paid.

If your business grows, Magento will grow with you. It is scalable and modular, which will make it easy to increase the catalog of products and customers unlimitedly. This scalability will also allow expanding the possibilities of the online business without problems of collapse or errors in the virtual store.

The possibilities with Magento are endless. The model he uses allows us to adapt new functionalities since it is highly customizable. It also allows you to manage several stores using the same product catalog and the same administration panel, that is, you can centralize the administration of your online stores quickly and very simply.

In addition, as a manager, it includes: contents, prices, payments, reports, invoice issuance, purchase history, order tracking, inventories and one of the most important things, logistics information.

Magento wants your website to be friendly, read well, and be able to crawl it to Google to appear in the results. So positioning your website will be much easier. In addition, it has a base theme that is seo-friendly.

And if that were not enough, Magento can also lend a hand to your virtual store with Marketing. Yes, you have read correctly, with Marketing. Thanks to Magento you can implement discount coupons, make seasonal offers and capture the attention of new customers and build loyalty to users who are already your customers.